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School Safety and Parents

Providing a safe learning environment for our students is our first priority and a responsibility that we take very seriously. However, we understand that, as a parent, you will always have concerns regarding the safety of your child. As such, we want to share with you the safety and security measures that are currently in place in Franklin Park School District 84:

The Humble ISD Police Department

The Humble ISD Police Depratment consists of a very dedicated group of professional men and women specially trained in school district related law enforcement. All officers are trained in active shooter response utilizing the ALERRT (Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training) protocols. Within the Humble ISD Police Department is a specialized group of tactically trained officers called the Emergency Response Team (ERT). These officers on this rapid deployment team are extensively trained in many aspects of tactical response and practice on a weekly basis... EVERY week... all year long.

Safety Drills

In an effort to make sure our students and staff are well prepared in case of an emergency, all of our schools hold regularly scheduled safety drills, including Evacuation/Fire, Lockdown, Bus Evacuation, and Shelter-in-Place.

The School Safety Drill Act establishes minimum requirements and standards for schools to follow when conducting safety drills and reviewing school emergency and crisis response plans. The Act also encourages schools and first responders to work together for the safety of children. Humble ISD's safety and emergency plans have been developed in collaboration with local fire and law enforcement officials, and all plans and procedures are reviewed and modified, as needed, on an annual basis.

Building Security

Access to most of our school buildings is limited to a single, designated entrance, with all other access points locked from the interior. Visitors are required to produce an ID. They are then scanned through the RAPTOR system and given an ID sticker that they must wear and return. At this point the visitor is“buzzed” into the building. Additionally, all of our classrooms are fitted with automatic door locks, preventing an intruder from obtaining access to our students in the event of a “Lock-Down” situation.

Emergency/Crisis Plans

The Humble ISD Office of Safey and Emergency Management maintains a comprehensive School Emergency Response Plan, which is reviewed and updated annually. This "All Hazards" plan encompasses numerous potential scenarios that may occur both on and off campus, includes detailed school information, and outlines staff responsibilities before, during, and after an incident. Humble ISD OEM has plans in place for multiple forms of crises, including severe weather, fire, intruder, or other potentially dangerous situations. In the event that a threat exists within our buildings, our administrators and staff members have the ability to secure the premises very quickly.


Security cameras are in place throughout the District. These cameras display and record video that can be viewed by Law Enforcement, Emergency Management and District administrators. School officials and police can also use these videos when investigating any incidents. Two-way radios are used in all schools when groups are outside of the building, and automated external defibrillators (AEDs) are maintained in each school in the event of a medical emergency.

Student Programs

It is important for children to feel connected to others and a part of their school and local community. Our schools strive to foster a supportive climate through the provision of school-wide behavioral expectations, positive interventions and supports, social work services, and violence prevention programs

Parent Notifications

In response to requests that we have received from parents, we will now send home a flier to notify you each time your child’s school runs a safety drill.

In the event that an emergency takes place on a school campus, depending on the level of the emergency, parents will be notified by telephone call or a letter home. In order to support this communication, please make certain that your child’s school has your most current emergency contact information.

Safety Tips to and from School

There are several precautionary safety measures that students can take as they go to and from school. Parents, please take time to talk to your children about the following safety measures:

  • Do not talk to strangers, even if they know your name.
  • Always walk directly to and from school using the same path every day.
  • Cross streets at corners, avoid crossing between parked cars, and obey the directions of crossing guards.
  • Always walk or ride your bike with a group of friends.
  • Run directly to school or home if you are approached by a stranger.
  • Immediately notify a school official or parent.

Traffic Safety

We would like to remind residents that traffic safety around schools is a collaborative effort. Drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists are encouraged to obey the rules of the road around local schools to ensure safety.

The preceding information outlines many of the precautions that we take in order to provide a safe and secure environment, but we also need you, as parents, to be our partners in this endeavor. Please report any concerns you have or situations that you notice at any of our schools that may compromise the safety of our children. Although there is no absolute guarantee that something bad will never happen, it is important to understand the difference between the possibility of something happening and probability that it will affect our school community. School still remains one of the safest places for a child to be. With our combined efforts, we can strive to keep it that way.

The Humble Independent School District is committed to creating a safe, welcoming environment for students, staff members, and visitors. Individuals from the school district participate in specialized training to help prepare them to support safety in all aspects of the educational environment. All administrators have been trained in the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and Incident Command Training through the Humble ISD Office of Emergency Management.

Our school district offers a variety of ongoing training for students and staff members to prepare them to respond to a variety of emergency situations.

The Humble Independent School District works collaboratively with our community agencies to improve communication and interoperability so that we are well prepared to work together when required in an emergency situation. Each campus and building in the Humble ISD has a "Safety Liaison". This position is usually held by a campus Asstistant Principal. The Safety Liaisons are in regular communication with the Humble ISD Safety & Emergency Management Coordinator. These Safety Liaisons make up the District Safety Committee. The committee meets every other month throughout the school year to review and update existing plans and practices. The team is also kept informed of changes and updates via regular newsletters and digital communications. The campus Safety Liaison is also responsible for the campus Emergency Response Teams. These teams consist of specially trained staff members who will immediately jump into action if a problem arises on the campus.

We are very proud of our ongoing professional partnership with the Harris County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management and the Texas Department of Emergency Management




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